Removing Mould and Stains with Render Cleaning

As a private, personal space, many of us take pride in our homes, making it as comfortable and homely as possible. While we can become focused on interior design and style, it’s always important to remember the exterior of your home. As the first impression of your property, the exterior should be well maintained and be a testament to the love and care you put into your home. 

Rendered walls can be a stunning finish to the exterior of your home but over time it can become susceptible to mould, discolouration, and stains, leaving your once pristine render, dirty and unsightly. As a popular exterior finish to homes across the UK, ADB Exterior Cleaning can transform the outside of your home with render cleaning, returning it to its original glory. 

Is your render dark and discoloured? 

Your render may have been a spotless, immaculate finish to begin with but now may have mould and discolouration. Moisture, humidity and poor ventilation create the perfect conditions for mould to thrive, causing these dark stains and discolouration to your render.  When dealing with mould, it’s important to use the correct cleaning products for your rendered walls to ensure a safe, long-lasting removal process. ADB Exterior Cleaning uses high-quality cleaning products and processes to ensure a first-class cleaning service. 

Render Cleaning Before

Render Cleaning After

Is the mould dangerous? 

While many of us are aware of the danger of mould in the home, it’s also important to consider the exterior of your home including your render. There are many negative health effects of residing in a damp building with fungal growth such as respiratory issues, general ill health and even skin reactions. 

How do you remove the mould from render? 

While most believe pressure washing can clean most issues, including cleaning render, this can actually be incredibly damaging to your property. It also does not eradicate the spores but allows them to spread and create further regrowth. ADB Exterior Cleaning doesn’t believe in quick fixes so will never jet wash under high pressure causing irreparable damage to your render. Our render cleaning service will eliminate all signs of mould from your home, using the best possible process to ensure this. We also use scaffolding and cherry-pickers to avoid any damage to your property while cleaning your render.

As a textured finish, render must be treated with care and delicacy. Our expert team of cleaners use a combination of specially formulated soft-washing chemicals and low-pressure steam cleaning to ensure an optimal clean with no damage to your render.  

Where do our render cleaning services cover? 

Based near High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, ADB Exterior Cleaning offers commercial and domestic exterior cleaning services in the surrounding areas. Our render cleaning services are available in the following areas: 

  • Buckinghamshire 
  • Oxfordshire 
  • Hertfordshire 
  • Greater London
  • Middlesex 

Revive your property with ADB’s Render Cleaning service, transforming your home to its pristine, original aesthetic.  

Contact the ADB Exterior Cleaning team today to discuss your required cleaning services on 0800 141 904 or email us at 

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