Case Studies: Roof Cleaning, Radnage, Buckinghamshire

Radnage, Buckinghamshire

ADB Exterior Cleaning love seeing how transformative our roof cleaning service can be, returning roofs to their original glory, and leaving our customers with a very clean property. This Buckinghamshire case study was a stunning, large home in Radnage.

Extensive Roof Cleaning Project

This Radnage, Buckinghamshire roof clean took the ADB Exterior Cleaning team a total of 2 days due to the size and accessibility of the property. While each roof clean time will vary, our team will always be in contact during your booking to retrieve images and information of your property and will provide a quote and time period depending on the project. This is usually done through mobile messages to allow an easy communication flow between our team and our customers.

Roof Cleaning | ADB Exterior Cleaning | Radnage, Buckinghamshire

Free Gutter Clean with Every Roof Cleaning Service

First Class Knowledge and Expertise

ADB Exterior Cleaning will always assess the project and use their expertise and knowledge to determine the best process and cleaning products for each specific roof cleaning project.

Our team of experts determined a low-pressure steam clean was the most suitable process for an optimal clean and to enhance our clients’ roof appearance. Using a low-pressure steam clean for a roof clean offers numerous benefits that go beyond just aesthetic improvement. This method utilises a controlled amount of steam, which effectively removes dirt, grime, moss, and other contaminants from the roof’s surface without causing any damage. Unlike high-pressure washing, which can potentially strip away protective layers or dislodge shingles, a low-pressure steam clean provides a gentle yet powerful cleaning solution.

To ensure a long-lasting roof clean, ADB Exterior Cleaning used a biocide coating which was applied to prolong the life of the clean and prevent future regrowth of moss, algae and any other bacteria that causes an unsightly roof.

Non-Contact Roof Clean

Our team at ADB Exterior Cleaning can offer a non-contact roof cleaning service to ensure no unnecessary damage is done to your roof. We use scaffolding and cherry-pickers to avoid walking across your roof. This Radnage property required a non-contact roof clean, so we set up a scaffold tower for access to all areas of the roof, ensuring we cleaned even the hardest parts to reach while remaining safe at all times.

Free Gutter Clean

ADB Exterior Cleaning offers a free gutter clean with all roof cleaning services. We utilised a vacuum for this Buckinghamshire home to ensure a full gutter clean. This removes any build-up of leaves and debris that can cause blockages and damage your gutters and draining system, allowing a free flow for rainwater to drain.


Where We Operate

ADB Exterior Cleaning are based in Stokenchurch, just outside of High Wycombe. Our roof cleaning services are available in the below areas:

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If you’re not in the above areas, we may still be able to offer our roof cleaning services to you. Contact us on 08000 141904 with your location for your roof clean.

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